Poser is set to take the year by storm. Perfectly crafted pop songs, spiralling guitars, lush production and heavenly harmonies, underpinned by the pulsating percussion of The Great. Glamorous stagecraft and operatic performance lift this West London combo above the competition.

The Poser catalogue takes you on a journey through catchy hooks, heartfelt ballads and uplifting nu disco. This is the band everyone will be talking about. Pop is back.

"The sound of the year" - Vague magazine

"Cute boys, cuter songs" - Illicit Collusion


Only Takes a While


Hanging Around

I Could Be So Good 4 U

Love Me or Leave Me

Life Goes On

I Will Be There

I Won't Let You Down

Don't Wanna Wait

Just Fine

At Last I Know

Mr Sing


Something Wonderful

If It's Over

Heroine's Theme

I'm Not Beaten Yet

All Gone

Can't Wait 'til Friday